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Diana Nenka is just a wonderful human being.  She has such compassion and leans on the Holy Spirit and His leading.  I have two of her paintings.  At the time of receiving the Lion Painting it was what I needed in that moment to remind me of Victory in the Lion of Judah.  My other painting gives me such peace and it has a scripture on it that  I love.  Her artwork is so beautiful, unique and so deeply profound in meaning.  I know she will be very successful in all she does for the Lord is with her.

Suzie Cortez

As I reminisce over the past couple of months, I see how God has been with me.  Going through the pain that I went through it was difficult to see God with me.  I have been through many health issues and always felt Gods presence but at a point this time I was ready to quit.  I woke up and decided to look at Facebook which I never do first thing, but when I opened it before me was Diana's painting with the scripture verse Is. 40:31 and my favorite soaring eagle which I watch out my window in awe so often and it totally lifted my spirit.  I turned my hope in the Lord.  Keep hearing from the Lord diana.  I know your paintings have blessed many, but their is many more.   

Carol Baron

It has been a real blessing for me to see Diana's growth over the past 5-6 years in her talent and the anointing of the Lord with her painting!  I love everything she does and actually have a huge picture of a flower hanging in my living room that she painted for me.  There is a picture she painted of a deep red roses that when I looked at it the anointing on it touched me so much it made me cry!  I know if you were to buy her art, you will be blessed beyond measure!

Vicki Powell


Your painting  was such a gift.  When I first saw it, I loved it.  Your wonderful artistry of the lion and the scriptures in white on a black back ground provide such beauty, purity and character.  Yes, there is the spiritual significance of white covering black,, but it is the purity and simplicity of only using these two colors that captivates me.  Then when I look at your creation more closely, the size of the lion's head certainly captures my eye, but it is the combination of his eye, mouth, and overall disposition that really grabs me.  The powerful mouth of this magnificent creation of God is closed, his head is tilted upward, and his eye looks up with a tenderness, wonder and reverence as if looking at God Almighty Himself.  As per the scripture Ps 121:1-2, we are also God's creations and your painting reminds me that we are also to seek God in awe, wonder and reverence and - as we do so - to know that He is always there to help us.  Thank you for this precious gift.

Psalm 121:1 "I lift up my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."

Don Dixon

I was going through a season of healing and the presence of God and me hearing His voice was particularly clear when I attended Shirley Robinson's Women's Glory Conference.  As I walked in Diana Nenka had some paintings that were on display at the meeting.  As I browsed and looked at them one particular painting caught my eye.  It was a earthen vessel that was on a green background.  It had what appeared to be gold bursting from within and shooting upward.

As I went to the washroom, I felt the Lord speak to me a lot about this painting.  It is a picture of the ministry that He has for me.  That I am to be a vessel of honor and joy to be of use to bring God's glory.  I knew I had to buy this painting!

As I returned to the meeting room, I told Diana that I want to buy it.  She said that I can't as it is actually to be given in a draw.  When the numbers for the painting were drawn, I asked God about it.  I felt Him say, "Do you trust me in this?"  Sure enough it was my number that was drawn for the painting and the number contained the year of my birth!

I felt to still buy the painting from Diana as I wanted to bless her, so I did.  This beautiful painting had been hanging in my wall in the living room reminding me daily that I am a vessel of honor and joy filled with the glory of God!

Hallelujah, god is so good!



I met Diana Nenka about 7 years ago at a women's conference with Shirley Robinson.  I was painting with another artist as part of the worship.

It was apparent that prophetic painting was a dream and desire that God had placed in Diana's heart.

From that time until today I have been blessed and amazed to see how God has grown this gift in Diana's life.  Her hungry heart, passion, integrity, commitment and creativity has literally blossomed before my eyes.

I have had the honor to teach a variety of prophetic art sessions and outreaches which Diana has been an integral part.

God moves and speaks through the paintings she creates in powerful ways.  

I believe she has been raised up to release images from the heart of the Father.

Kimi Postma, Artist

Diana served alongside me on a creative worship arts leadership team for a year.  During that year, our group grew together in response to the fruit she was yielding in organization, generosity, hospitality, patience, faithfulness, humility, kindness, creativity and joy.  She is highly skilled in pulling groups together in unity, and a reliable support for creating a secure and safe place for growth.   Over her time spent with us, she inspired attendees and team members towards an anointed hunger for more of God.  She is gifted by the Holy Spirit to paint prophetically, continues to grow in hearing the voice of God, and she is a beautiful servant hearted leader with a call of God on her life. Those who attended our group greatly benefited from her ministry by being prayed for, welcomed, comforted, and healed.  Her ability to articulate His voice and respond in faith touched many lives and our community thrived under her leadership.  It wasn't the same without her.  Misty Bedwell

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