Diana is a wife of 29 years to Randy Nenka, with a teen Brayden and adult child Tiffany, which she loves and enjoys dearly. 


The Lord has given her a passion for healing prophetic art that is growing and developing every year.  She also, volunteers with the team at Restoring Hope to Cities.


A few years ago she was told she would have breakthrough in her life spiritually, artistically, and physically. That year she started a new job as a bookkeeper, after 19 years at the same job as a mechanic parts attendant.  She had her first art gallery display at church and saw how God impacted people through her paintings.  Spiritually she became involved immensely in Restoring Hope to Cities that year.  This happened because she loves the passion Shirley has for loving people and doing practical things to show them God’s love. Diana wants to show the love of Christ to others and help them to experience His love for themselves. It is always an adventure of joy with God. She looks forward to every day and going through the doors that God opens and paths God leads her on.